Meet The Breeders

One of the great things about doing what we do is the relationships we get to build with our pigs, particularly the breeding stock.  A lot of people don’t realise that we can actually get pretty close to a lot of the growers too – we give many of them names, we learn their personalities, and we basically know them.  On the flip-side, there’s no surprise that we build close relationships with all of the breeders. They are truly our pets, and we love the time we spend with them.

It occurred to me that we could share the love that is our breeders, so I figured I’d do a post outlining some of the best of them.  Describing all of them would take a novel, mainly because you’d have trouble shutting me up once I started.  😊  With that in mind, I’m going to make a menu category for the breeders, and then just add posts to it as time goes on.  That way, we can track them all and share them all with the world!

Linked to our post on culling sows, this will help people become invested in those painful decisions, which is a sneaky way for me to connect people to the source of their meat.  I’m going to talk people into either eating ethically or turning vegetarian. Either way, it’s a win for the pigs. 😊

Frankie Pig

That’s Frankie pig, showing off the baby blues that gave her the name (after Frank Sinatra). We love her and she’ll certainly get her own feature in this blog series.


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