Our Third Year

It’s now the end of March, 2014, and I’ve not entered anything for our third year.  Initially that was because there was nothing to say.  This January was ridiculously warm, with one Sunday cracking 50 degrees!  Every single weekend day, which is the only time I get to do anything, was too hot to go outside.  We harvested and tried to make the animals as comfortable as possible, but no real progress was made.  The heat extended into February, which made blogging all seem a little redundant.  March cooled enough for us to get stuff done, but all of a sudden I was too busy doing the stuff to actually write about it, which is more than a little ironic.

At the same time I’ve been stupidly busy at work, and travelling more than normal.  I’m home most weekends, but have been working late during the week.  So basically, on the weekends it’s been too hot to do anything reportable or I’ve been too busy doing things that are reportable to report on them, and during the week I’ve been too busy working, earning the money that makes this all possible.  However, now it’s a Sunday afternoon at the end of March, I worked dad nearly to death yesterday and this morning, and so have given him the afternoon off.  It’s also 35 degrees outside and a little warm in the sun, so now I’ve got some blog time!

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