January 2012 Facebook Farm Statuses

I was semi-documenting our activities via Facebook, and want to include some Facebook statuses in each of these 2012 monthly posts. That’s a little self-indulgent, but I’m comfortable with that. 🙂

  • Linhda tried to name the sheep we dropped off today “Bessie”. The only problems were that it was a dude, and it wasn’t a cow. Also, it was clearly a “Toby”…
  • Peyton just realised that we can’t get home-delivered Chinese food at the farm, and now she’s sad. Bloody townies…
  • First snake on the farm. Awesome.
  • Half the stupid ornamental garden out the back is gone and replanted with stuff we can eat. Along with a few new fruit trees and a new meat bird area. Yay for progress, even if it feels like slow progress.
  • 12 tomato plants and 18 chilli plants. That sounds like the right ratio to me…
  • Just ran into our first problem with raising our own meat. Sheep only have 4 legs, which apparently means only 4 lamb shanks. Those things are freaking awesome! I’m going to invent an 8 legged sheep. It’s a billion dollar idea!
  • Built a fence. For my meat chickens. With my dad. Farm-freaking-tastic!
  • The meat bird chicks are nearly 4 weeks old. They went from cute day-old chicks to ugly-as-sin within 2 days. Now they’re getting cute again dammit! AND they’re trying to bond with me! Stupid, cute, tasty animals…
  • The meat bird chicks have decided two things. Firstly, I’m a source of food and therefore should be followed around at all times. Secondly, the hairs on my legs are tasty and should be pecked at all times. Seriously, it’s like a scene from an Orson Wells movie every time I set foot in there!
  • Today I got to use my angle grinder. On metal. With sparks. Inside. Loudly. It was a good day.
  • Second snake. Awesomer.
  • Fun Farm Fact #78: That “pebble” in your boot may very well be sheep shit.
  • Today, after watching our new drake get three of the other ducks to… give him piggy back rides, and all before breakfast, I decided to name him “Ron Jeremy”. He’s a little fat guy who gets lots of action. BooYah! In related news, Linhda named her favourite duck “Bubbles”. Feel free to heap scorn on her.
Bruce loves those Facebook statuses!

Bruce loves those Facebook statuses!

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