February 2013 Facebook Farm Statuses

  • David Atherton – I keep seeing repurposed window greenhouses. I know you like to work with metal, but I think we should give this some thought…
  • Home alone tonight until Linhda gets home from work in several hours. I’m eating home-grown baked spuds with chilli, home-made tzatziki, and tabasco sauce, all washed down with a beer or two.
    Baby, I apologise in advance. You know what I mean.
  • Home-made Coopers Pale Ale? Not too freaking shabby!
  • An apprentice tradie just sliced his hand open. I’ve offered to stitch it for him, but he declined. Spoil sport…
    I did get a good picture though.
  • Tried to properly process and store our own corn today – blanch, cool, cut, freeze. It’s surprisingly easy, especially when you get a bit of an assembly line going. It shouldn’t be too terribly difficult to freeze enough for the entire off-season. I’m calling it – we’re now 100% self-sufficient for corn. That’s saying something, because we use a *heap* of corn.
    On a related note, this is the best corn we’ve ever grown. We always do pretty well, but this year’s batch is amazing! Go Team Atherton!
  • All caught up! Well, the monthly posts are now all done, up to and including January 2013. I’ve started in on the rest of it, but that’ll take a little longer.
    As it turns out, stupidly hot days that drive you indoors can still be used for farm-related activities, even if that is only blogging…
Miss February

Miss February

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