April 2013 Facebook Farm Statuses

  • I was woken      just before 6 this morning by something large-ish climbing onto the roof      above my bedroom. Being in the country, it’s probably a possum. However,      many years of watching Supernatural has taught me it could be a Wendigo,      ghost, or shape-shifter. Personally, I’m hoping for ghost…
  • Just found      the first con of the new easy-turn taps that we’ve installed all over the      property. The smallest cow has discovered that, while in the pig runs, he      can lean over the fence and turn the tap on with his tongue. As a result,      there is now a small river running through the pig runs and the cows are      banished.
  • The valets at the airport always ask if I want my car cleaned, but I normally don’t bother. This week, however, the conversation went:

Valet: And would you like your car washed this week Mr. Atherton?

Me: Do they polish it?

Valet: Yes sir, we can organise that. Does it need some special attention?

Me: Yes, actually. I have these large marks on both front doors. One of my cows rubbed his horns on them.

Valet: Ummm, a cow?

Me: Yes.

Valet: <awkward silence> Why would a cow do that?

Me: They’re intensely curious creatures. Fortunately, they’re also pretty damned tasty.

Valet: <awkward silence> Well, have a good trip.

  • Used our amazing giant rotary hoe to turn over a few hundred square metres of veggie patch, and reclaimed about 50 square metres of the lawn. My conquest of the lawn has begun, and I fully plan on having it all productively planted within 5 years. Don’t tell Linhda.

Also manage to get our fallow bed planted out with green manure, and get the rest of the beds mapped out. It’s amazing what a huge difference a year makes to the soil condition. A year ago it was dead, red clay. Now it looks like rich, dark loam.

The planting begins this weekend. The plan is set, the seeds are bought/dried. So, so, so looking forward to getting it all planted out.

  • Seriously considering a milking cow. I think I’ve found a smaller breed that doesn’t need twice daily, or really even daily, milking. It’s still a lot of work, but on the plus side we have cheese.
    Cheese > work. It’s basic math really.
Miss April. It's really just another shot of Miss March, but she's still hot!

Miss April. It’s really just another shot of Miss March, but she’s still hot!

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