January 2014 Facebook Farm Statuses

  • We’re off this morning for our first fishing foray! Yay!!!! We’re not even packed yet and I’ve already put an inch-long gash in my palm while sharpening a fishing knife. I’m interpreting that as a good omen.
  • Got home after being away for a few days of record-breaking heat, expecting to find the garden and animals the worse for wear. However, everything has done pretty well. No wilty veggies. No dead poultry. No distressed pigs. Well done Linhda, David, and Peyton! You guys are officially Farmtastic!

  That doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels though. It also doesn’t mean that I won’t be bugging you all day every day when I’m gone.

  • It’s dropped nearly 20 degrees in the last 2 hours, and I just busted a rooster having sex with a duck. I’m not sure which of those made me smile the most.
Bacon makes everything better!

Bacon makes everything better!

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