February 2014 Facebook Farm Statuses

  • I’ve always thought my kids were joking about my “farmer’s crack” when I’m outside working, until this week where I have a very interesting strip of sunburn…
  • So, up at 5:30am to investigate noisy pigs (the boar was asking the question, the sow was saying “no thankyou”). I noticed some rats scurrying around one of the chook yards. I grabbed my air rifle and managed to shoot one, while precariously holding a torch, as it was running along a cable. Then at 6:30am I hosted an international phone conference, which included attendees from the US and UK, plus my General Manager, having to mute my phone when I wasn’t talking because the rooster was going nuts. I’m pretty sure that’s how all farmers start their day.
  • 40mm of rain since yesterday afternoon, and we’re expecting potentially that much today. We could end up with 15% to 20% of our annual rainfall in 2 days! That’s freaking unsane! Unsane I tells ‘ya!
  • We had 11 piglets born this morning. There are graphic pics and videos to follow. You’ve been warned… 🙂
  • We borrowed a horse float from some bikie types yesterday. I can’t say for sure they’re bikies, but I’m pretty sure they know their way around a good revenge killing. Anyway, I was dropping off the horse float this morning in my awesomely manly farm truck, a truck for which the bikie type expressed his admiration yesterday, and as I pulled up a Belinda Carlisle song started on the CD player. Loud. There was little eye contact made after that… My response was to flick forward to a Cher song as I left and turn it all the way up. LIKE A BOSS!
  • Want to make 3 sisters fight? Bring a 3 day old piglet inside and hand it to one of them for a hug…


Our baby-daddy, Boris!

Our baby-daddy, Boris!

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