March 2014 Facebook Farm Statuses

  • Looking for home-made dog food recipes on the web and I came across And I quote, “A Daily Web Log for Prepared Individuals Living in Uncertain Times”.
    This site is freaking awesome! It’s like taking the handiest of home handy-people and mixing them with the paranoia-est of paranoid people, and letting the result blog its little heart out. The categories range from “Body Armour” and “Weapons” to “Charity” and “Recipe of the Week”. Seriously, I’ve found my new home on the interweb.
  • I swear that dad just looked at me down the length of our dining table and said “Beyoncé is my favourite”.
    Everybody else, including dad, say that he said something about B.L.T.s. I know what I heard though.
Bruce photo-bombing Boris!

Bruce photo-bombing Boris!


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