May 2012 Facebook Farm Statuses

  • Okay, so today counts as a near-miss farm accident. Two stitches and some glue certainly aren’t a fully fledged farm accident. And on a related note, I am 100% positive that I’ll be stitching myself next time. Seriously, how hard is it?!
  • The Roseworthy Hotel out did itself again! Seriously, country pub meals are the best!!!!! Oh, and they have beer.
  • It is such a gorgeous Autumn day that I decided to wear shorts this afternoon… Okay, it was mostly so I could gross people out with the big, semi-healed wound on my leg. It is a nice day though.
  • Touch chilli. Touch eyelids. In pain. Apparently some people never learn.
  • A sure sign that you’re missing home and maybe talking about it too much: My instructor forgot my last name today and called me “Neil Farmer”.
  • The solution to a work day full of frustration and disappointment? Chop wood! Seriously, hitting shit with an axe is hands-down the best therapy in the world. I might open my own clinic…


Bruce doesn't quite understand why we do the things we do.

Bruce doesn’t quite understand why we do the things we do.

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