July 2012 Facebook Farm Statuses

  • Today we hire a cherry-picker to thin some of the big gums high up so we can expand our fruit orchard. Apparently normal farm work doesn’t give me enough near-miss death experiences, so today I will be 10+ metres in the air using a chainsaw…
  • So somebody either hit my dog and didn’t stop or they snatched him and he jumped from their fast moving vehicle (it looks more like the later). Either way, he’s broken both ulna and radius on his right leg right through and needs about $4k worth of surgery. Two things strike me about this: 1. Bruce was running towards me when I found him. Not limping. Not trotting. He was *running* with a leg broken completely through. He ran home, took a midnight ride to the vet, was examined, had three shots, and was calm and didn’t make a single noise the entire time. What the hell is that dog made out of?! 2. There’s some bastard who lives in Wasleys who I’d like to meet.
  • Bruce is home!!!! Our furry family is complete! I had the vet burn me copies of the x-rays, which I’ll post later. They are freaking awesome!
  • There are a *lot* of birds in the country, and I don’t think a single one of them sleeps in. Who knew?
  • We finished our first round of fruit-bearing plants today. We have a total of 54, 51 of which we’ve bought. And I don’t think we’re finished… 🙂
  • Home-made stock with home-grown chooks and veggies. Then home-made risotto with home-made stock and all home-grown veggies. Give us a couple of years and the chorizo and cheese will be home-made too. The rice, on the other hand, might always be beyond us… 🙂
  • We had a contractor show up today wearing glasses, where last week he was here without glasses. Linhda was convinced they were different people, proving conclusively that Clarke Kent’s disguise may actually have worked.
  • Our new solar system is in and running! 24 panels and a 5kW inverter will hopefully mean we never pay another cent. The new meter doesn’t go in until the end of September, but in the meantime the old one is running backwards. 🙂


1 trap, 2 traps, 3 traps, whatever it takes.

1 trap, 2 traps, 3 traps, whatever it takes.


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