More Critters? MORE?!

Our rabbit has grown into rabbits. Apparently they do that. Our neighbour says that there’s been no rabbits in the area for years, and I suspect that 400 square metres of veggie patch has something to do with them now.  We’ve seen one in The Patch (the largest veggie patch) once. As destructive as they can be, he really hasn’t done any noticeable damage. We’re now waiting for them to get bigger after which Farmer John says he’ll shoot them for us. I’m thinking game pie…

We also have quail! Quail are tricky, as they’re super prone to predation. Mostly running around a field makes you an easy target for things like cats. Our two cats are kept inside, and the quail have moved in to feast on the crop. I have fond memories of quails living in country fields from when I was a kid, and I was stoked to see them move in here. Well, apart from last week when one of them burst out of my pumpkin patch from under foot. That time I almost needed a change of shorts.

One thought on “More Critters? MORE?!

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