August 2013 Facebook Farm Statuses


   Actually, so far there’s one. Therefore…


  • We had another be swarm go over our place yesterday, and it may even be our own hive splitting off (they were at critical mass). We watched the giant, scary-sounding mass drift across our place and settle onto a bush in my neighbour’s front yard. He’s given me the okay to try and catch them, so I’ll be off to get another hive tomorrow or the next day. With a little luck, and some terror on my part, we might have two hives happily pollinating our little world within the next few days. Wish me luck…
  • There’s a pregnant pure-bred Jersey Heiffer on gumtree! Her name is Bianca, which is ridiculous, but I might go meet her tomorrow!!!!

   Don’t tell Linhda…

  • Going to get my firearms license today, which includes having my photo taken for the ID. I’m purposely unshaven, unshowered, and unkempt. I’ve also been working on my dead-eyed, slack-jawed look. This is going to be the best ID ever!
Isn't she gorgeous?!?!

Isn’t she gorgeous?!?!

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