We’re Official Now!

While it feels like decades, we only made our tree change a little over 3 years ago. I think it’s aged me at least 20 years but it really hasn’t been *that* long. Our initial aim was self-sufficiency for our family, with the broader goal of passing on a legacy to my kids, that legacy being an attitude or ethos of critical thinking and independence. That’s a lot from a humble few acres, but you have to aim big, right? 🙂

Things have grown quite a bit in a relatively short time. At first we wanted to grow our own meat so we knew it was done ethically. However, if you have pigs you find that even a single litter will give you lots and lots of excess piglets, so we figured we’d sell that excess and pay for our feed. That would make us both self-sufficient and cost neutral. Score! Then, almost by accident, it all snowballed and we noticed the number of people who wanted access to the kind of animals we raised. Now we want to escalate to a commercial venture. I genuinely love doing this and want to do it on a larger scale. While it might not be feasible to do this as a career change for a while, we have the opportunity to ramp it up and see where it goes. Call it my retirement plan. 🙂

We took the first step in February to make it all official and created a company. We went so far as to make a logo and business cards, so it’s all official now!

A logo AND a business card?!

A logo AND a business card?!

We need to expand our operation, which means more land. We weren’t far from closing on 40 acres just down the road a few months ago, but the council got in the way. Now we’re looking at 100 to 150 acres a further 5 minutes out. That’ll have to wait until after we get married in April, after which I’ll be pursuing this quite hard. When that happens I’ll increase to at least a dozen sows and two boars, along with some free-ranged cows and maybe a small flock of sheep.

In the meantime we’ll build a customer base and refine our breeding. We’ll always have a couple of sows at our place, mainly to breed our replacement gilts, while the larger property will be where we breed the growers. It’s all planned out, mainly because I like plans and we have time before we get the bigger block.

Visit our website for contact details and price lists etc. Also feel free to drop me a line or email or text or some other form of 21st century communication. I’m always happy to talk about pigs. You may have noticed that though.

One thought on “We’re Official Now!

  1. Just found your site- what a gem! I’m from Adelaide but now living in the States and would love to move back to live off the land in South Australia. In the meantime I will live vicariously through your wonderful site!

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