February 2012 Facebook Farm Statuses

  • Fun Farm Fact #45: The hand mincer makes noises worse than every horror movie ever made combined. A couple of kg’s of home-made mince (preservative free, chemical free, no lips-and-arseholes meat, yada yada yada) is worth it though. J
  • Rule #1 of chainsaw use: “Keep it out of the dirt!”. Rule #2 of chainsaw use: “Let the chainsaw do most of the work”. Today I found a third rule: “When you step into a sink hole while sawing an 18 inch diameter limb and use the chainsaw to break your fall, check that you’ve not accidentally engaged the chain brake before tearing the entire thing apart to find out why the chain won’t go around”. Feel free to quote me.
  • Cut out two scrubby melaleucas to make room for fruit trees. My predicted three 8×5 trailer loads turned into seven 8×5 trailer loads. Of course, that meant braking hard 8 times to avoid running Bruce over – 7 times while driving to the wood pile and bonfire pile, and 1 time while putting the trailer away. I was more worried about him damaging my car than vice versa…
  • Linhda just called my awesome 5 foot crow bar a “fencing stick”. True story.
  • I think we have a clucky duck! And no, I’m not being euphemistic.
Sheep really like apricots.

Sheep really like apricots.

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