March 2012 Facebook Farm Statuses

  • We’re tractor owners!
  • In Canberra I look out of my office and can see Parliament House. At home I look out of my study and can see tomato plants, chilli plants, corn, a rabid pumpkin vine, fruit trees, ducks, goats, lambs and a giant pile of chicken manure in my back paddock. In summary, Parliament House can suck it.
  • A two-day weekend of farm work leaves me pleasantly tired. A long weekend of farm work has left me absolutely knackered. My prediction is that Easter is going to kill me. On a related note, the new tractor is Farm-Freaking-Tastic!
  • Today my dad, David Atherton, killed a mouse with a full 9kg gas bottle. He cut its head off! He’s a farm ninja!!!!!
  • This morning I went out to put my tractor away, released a goat from the back paddock fence, took my car into the back paddock to get the big cage trailer, and waved at my neighbour a couple of times, all while wearing my pyjamas. LIKE A FARMER!
  • Wearing gumboots. LIKE A FARMER!
  • Today we broke our big chainsaw and the mulcher, all before lunch. The farm gods are frowning on us… Pictures to follow. J
  • First meal at our local pub. Biggest. Schnitzel. EVER!
An Inch Ant. It's an ant. It's an inch long. Hence the name.

An Inch Ant. It’s an ant. It’s an inch long. Hence the name.

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